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How to invest in Mexico?

Publicación: Sep 11, 2022

If you want to know how to invest in Mexico, we invite you to read this article.

With a population of approximately 127 million inhabitants, a privileged geographical position and a great diversity of natural and cultural resources, Mexico is positioned among the 15 most important economies worldwide and second in Latin America.

To the north it borders the United States of America and to the south with Guatemala and Belize which are accesses to Latin America and the Caribbean. Being one of the countries in the world that has more international trade agreements including NAFTA (North American free trade agreement).

Main investments by sector in Mexico:

  1. Manufacturing 47.2%
  2. Financial services 15.3 %
  3. Trade 9.7%
  4. Mining 5.5%
  5. Massive media information 5.5%
  6. Energy 3.8%
  7. Other 3.8%

Foreign investment comes from the following countries:

  1. United States 36.8%
  2. Spain 12.1%
  3. Canada 9.7%
  4. Germany 9.2%
  5. Other countries 27.7%

ONLINE Sales in Mexico

It is also important to consider that according to the report “Online Sales 2021” which is prepared by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), e-commerce in Mexico during 2020 reached 316,000 million pesos (approximately 15,800 million US dollars) being a growth of 81% over the previous year.

To have access to online sales through platforms such as AMAZON and Mercado Libre in the country, you must have your RFC, either from your individual or company.

How to get your RFC?

In order to start commercial operations in Mexico, both natural (natural) and legal persons (companies) must have their Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) which is the tax identification code in the country, provided by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

The RFC can be obtained by foreigners through the constitution of a legal entity in the country, with the option of doing it physically in Mexico or through attorneys without the need to travel to the country.

Also, there is the possibility of registering before the SAT a legal entity resident abroad in Mexico, so that it can comply with its tax obligations in the country and have an RFC, this figure is commonly used with technological platforms that provide their services to users in the country as is the case of NETFLIX and Google.

We invite you to consider the constitution of a legal entity in Mexico and in this way expose your products and services to a market of 127 million people.

We invite you to read our article and learn more about how to invest in Mexico.

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