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Guadalajara is the Nearshoring Hub of Innovation in Mexico

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Publicación: Nov 5, 2023

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In the landscape of global business, the concept of nearshoring has been rapidly gaining traction as companies look for ways to optimize operations without straying too far from home shores. Mexico, with its strategic geographic location and bilingual talent pool, has become a hotspot for nearshoring, particularly in the tech-savvy the city of Guadalajara.

Overview of Guadalajara

Guadalajara is located in the western part of Mexico, within the state of Jalisco, of which it is the capital. Guadalajara is considered a major tech hub, often dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Mexico.”

The estimated population in Guadalajara is around 5 million habitants, making it the second-largest metropolitan area in Mexico after Mexico City.

Guadalajara has experienced significant growth in the technology sector over recent years, earning it the nickname “Mexico’s Silicon Valley.”

Benefits of Guadalajara for IT Companies

  1. Tech Ecosystem: Guadalajara is Home for some of the best universities in Latin America, so it produces a steady pipeline of highly skill graduates, especially in engineering an information technology.
  2. Governmental support and Infrastructure: The Mexican government has invested in infrastructure and the establishment of technologies parks.
  3. Strategic location: Proximity to the United States is a major advantage for Guadalajara. Its cultural alignment with the west and the low time difference allows for real-time collaboration and fast communication, factors that are indispensable in the fast-paced realm of technology.

The Benefits of Nearshoring in Guadalajara

  1. Cost savings: Companies benefit from the cost efficiencies associated with nearshoring in Guadalajara, because of lower labor costs.
  2. Cultural Affinity: With a culture like the US, there is less of a learning curve and smoother integration into existing corporate cultures.
  3. High-Quality Talent: Access to technical talent ensures that companies can pursue more ambitious projects and maintain high quality standards.
  4. Business-Friendly Environment: Mexico’s focus on creating a business-friendly environment, with relaxed regulations and support for foreign investment, makes it easier to set up and expand operations.

Foreigners can stablish a Company in Guadalajara?

Yes, as we have mention, Mexico has a Business-Friendly Environment for foreign companies. There is NO restriction for foreign companies or persons to hold 100% of the Mexican entity. How ever you will need a local address and legal representative for the Company set up and operation.

New United States consulate in Guadalajara

The new U.S. consulate in Guadalajara would serve to facilitate the increasing nearshoring activities, providing services such as visa processing, assistance to U.S. businesses, and support for Americans living in or visiting the area.


Guadalajara is one of the best destinies for Tech Companies looking to relocated to a near location form the United States. If you are interested, you can contact us for a free advice.

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