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Guadalajara: The Growing Nexus for Indian Software Companies in Latin America

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Publicación: Nov 5, 2023

Guadalajara is often hailedas the Silicon Valley of Mexico; this Mexican city has caught the eye of global investors and tech companies all around the world. Indian software Companies have found a big growth opportunity in Guadalajara.

Why Guadalajara for an IT Company?

Guadalajara with its rich in IT talent, modern infrastructure, and supportive government policies, presents a very attractive destination for IT Outsourcing. Guadalajara also present the following advantages:

  • Strategic geographic location, providing proximity to the United States (US).
  • The alignment in time zones with the US ensures seamless communication, which is crucial for agile software development and real-time collaboration.
  • Cultural affinity with the west.
  • Bilingual talent tech.
  • A growing cultural scene, involving different countries.

For Indian software companies, this city offers a gateway to the Latin American market, allowing them to service clients across both North and South America with greater ease.

 Indian Software Giants’ Footprint in Guadalajara

Companies like TATA, Infosys, Wipro, and TCS have set up development centers and innovation hubs, in Guadalajara, investing in local education to create a pipeline of skilled professionals adept in the latest digital technologies.

These companies are not just tapping into the outsourcing market; they are also bringing their expertise in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data analytics to the local ecosystem.

This transfer of knowledge has been fundamental in putting Guadalajara in the top of worldwide locations for tech hubs.

If I am Indian, I can Set up a IT company in Guadalajara?

There is NO restriction for foreign persons to create companies in Mexico. The procedures will differ depending on if you are already in Mexico or are in India, or any other country.

If you already are in Mexico, and you have a work VISA, the process is easier and faster as it´s described as follow:

  1. As a Work Visa holder you are able to open a “Simplified Stock Corporation” (S.A.S.) that is created online with your E.FIRMA provided by SAT with no need of a Public Notary.
  2. If you prefer a traditional Company or foreign shareholders will be involved, you can create a “Sociedad Anonima” that is very similar to a “Public Limited Company” in India or “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada” that is like a “Private Limited Company. This companies structures a created with a Public Notary in Mexico.

If you are outside Mexico, there’s no problem, you can set up your Tech Company as a tourist or even without coming to Mexico using Apostille Powers of Attorney.

What Is a must for opening your IT company in Guadalajara?

To set up your Company in Guadalajara you will need to have:

  1. A register address in Mexico for the company, if one of the shareholders is Mexican, you can use his/her private address, if not you will need to provide to Mexican authorities a “Lease Agreement”.
  2. Mexican Citizen or foreign person with a Legal migration status, so he/her can act as Legal Representative of the Company with government and financial institutions, and other third parties.


Guadalajara’s ascension as a tech hub is creating a symbiotic relationship with Indian software companies. As this dynamic city continues to grow, it does so with the help of Indian IT, cementing its place on the global tech stage.  


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