Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Mexico

Hector Galicia

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July 21, 2022

The Sociedad of Responsabilidad Limitada ( S. de R.L. or Limited Liability Company LLC in Mexico) are legal entities in Mexico created by 2 or more shareholders (individuals or corporations), the shareholder are responsible until the amount of their capital contributions.

A Mexican LLC structure is similar to the US LLC.

The general characteristics of the Mexican LLC are:

1.- Minimum 2 partners and a maximum of 50 partners. The partners can be corporations or individuals.

2.- The partners of the company are responsible until the amount of their capital contributions in other words the Shareholders’ liability is limited to their capital investment.

3.- Every partner will hold a share.

4.- The managment of the company can be in charge of a sole manager or a board of directors that can be partner or not of the company.

5.- There is not revenue limit.

6.- There´s not need to include a Mexican partner.

This kind of legal entities is recommended for small to medium companies that want to limit the participation of new partners.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Mexico shoulnd´t be use for public exchanges and the transfer of shares may be subjected to a majority approval of partners.

In Mexico all the corporations, not matter if is Sociedad Anonima, LLC or Sociedad Civil are taxed with 30% rate of income tax. The 30% rate will be applied to the company profits.

To get the Mexican tax id of your LLC you will need a legal representative an a Mexican address.




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